O Holy Night - Nativity Template

Celebrate the holidays with free decorative painting templates. This unique nativity scene template will help bring back the simplicity of Christmas past.

O Holy Night free decorative painting template

O Holy Night

This nativity template was contributed by Yesteryear by Donna Atkins

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You will need:

Wood candles, 1-1/4" pine, (8"-#694, 10"-#695, 14"-#696) available from:
JB Wood Products, 1285 County St., Attleboro, MA 02703 (508-226-3217)
Wood cutting dimensions at the bottom of the instructions.

Brushes: 1" foam brush, Eagle Gold 25-3, Loew Cornell #4 Scumbler, Eagle 35-1, Loew Cornell 7050 18/0, Eagle 515-4 Shader

Paint - Delta Ceramcoats: Dark Night Blue, Flesh Tan, Burnt Umber, Candy Bar Brown, Black, Wedgwood Green, Dark Forest Green, Williamsburg Blue, Blueberry, Dark Brown, Autumn Brown, Raw Sienna, Butter Cream, Territorial Beige, Terracotta

This template can be used for fun and local craft show profit. No mass reproductions of designs or instructions permitted.

IMPORTANT - General Painting Instructions: All shading is floated. When painting each area of the design, allow a small border of the blue background to show through (in other words, don't let colors of sections meet each other - allow a think line of blue to separate them).

Paint all candles Dark Night Blue. Sand surface lightly, edges heavily. Transfer the bottom border line for the lettering. Scotch tape above line and paint below line Flesh Tan. Sand lightly. Lightly pounce Burnt Umber around edges of Flesh Tan section.) (Loew Cornell #4 Scumbler).

Lettering: Transfer and paint Black (Eagle 25-3) Transfer general design to all three candles.

Faces: Paint face and necks Flesh Tan. Shade outer edges and under chin with Burnt Umber. Transfer details. Dry brush cheeks 1:1 Flesh Tan/Candy Bar Brown. (Eagle 35-1) Use LC 7050 18/0 and thinned Burnt Umber to outline eyebrows, nose, and lips. Use thinned Black to line eyes.

Joseph: Paint robe Wedgwood Green, allowing blue to show through around sleeves, neck, and above Mary's head. Transfer stripes and paint Candy Bar Brown. Shade under arms and behind Mary Dark Forest Green. Paint inside of sleeves by hands Dark Forest Green. Float 1:1 Flesh Tan/Wedgwood Green on top of sleeves.

Mary: Paint robe Williamsburg Blue, allowing dark blue to show through around sleeves, neck, and hands. Shade under arms, hands, and bottom of robe Blueberry. Paint inside of sleeves by hands Blueberry. Float 1:1 Flesh Tan/Williamsburg Blue on top of sleeves.

Hair: Transfer the outline of the hair (Mary and Joseph) where it covers clothing. Paint Dark Night Blue. Use your 18/0 to paint wavy Dark Brown hair on Joseph and Mary, allowing some dark blue background to show through. Next paint wavy Autumn Brown strands. On Mary only, paint wavy Raw Sienna strands of hair. . Oh Joseph, lightly line Butter Cream around top of head area.

Hands: Paint Flesh Tan; shade Burnt Umber. Thin Burnt Umber and define fingers on Joseph's hands.

Mary's Veil: Paint outside of veil (top and sides) Butter Cream, inside of veil Flesh Tan. Shade inside Burnt Umber.

Baby Jesus: Paint hair Dark Brown, then Autumn Brown, and finally some Raw Sienna strands of hair. Transfer and paint halo Butter Cream.

Manger: Paint Territorial Beige; shade Burnt Umber. Float or use a dry brush to stroke Butter Cream highlights on top portions of the manger and legs.

Palm Trees: Paint trunks Territorial Beige, leaving dark blue showing through between sections. Shade trunk Burnt Umber. Paint palms Wedgwood Green, shaded with Burnt Umber.

Sheep: Paint face and front legs Black. Use #4 Scumbler (and a minimum of paint) to pounce Flesh Tan
wool, allowing dark blue to show through, especially to shade around legs. Go back and pounce Butter Cream on head, along top of back, tail, front of chest, and front of rear leg to lighten those areas. Thin Butter Cream and lightly paint highlight on ear, face, and front legs.

Star: Butter Cream.

Hay: Paint short strokes of Territorial Beige, then Raw Sienna.

Flames: Paint flames Terracotta, then Candy Bar Brown, and finally Raw Sienna. Before top coat is dry, gently wipe away some of the top coats of paint from the center of the candle to allow bottom colors to show through.

Finishing: Finish by using brush on or spray varnish. (I used Delta Matte Interior Spray Varnish.)

Optional: Tie rag strips or jute around the top of the candles.

Attention wood cutters - these are the wood dimensions, you may need to resize the line drawing.  'O' candle is 1-13/16" wide, 'Holy' candle is 3-3/8" wide, and 'Night' candle is 3-3/8" wide. 

Copyright Donna Atkins 2023

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