Printable Christmas Games - Winter Bingo: Printable Cards

Winter bingo is the perfect indoor past time when it's cold and snowing outside. The whole family can have fun playing bingo with a calling card full of winter time favorites such as a sleigh, snowman, bells and buttons. Get ready to yell BINGO!

It's so easy to use printable Christmas games. Print the set of Bingo cards, the calling card and bingo makers. Each player receives 1 card and 9 markers. The caller places the calling cards face side down in front of him or her. The game starts with the caller turning over one of the calling cards and calls out the picture and the player puts a maker on top of that picture. The game continues until someone yells BINGO! The caller double checks the winners card and if there is a bingo another game begins.

Optional: Use Repositionable Craft Bond on the back of the small paper markers to make them into sticky notes so they stay in place. Pennies can also be used in place of the markers.

Winter Bingo Card Sets - Click to the Printable Christmas Games:

Winter Bingo Calling Cards:

Winter Bingo Game Markers:

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