Give Me Snow Winter Stitchery Pattern with Snowman

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Snow

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Snow Stitchery

Pattern Directions

Twigs Gathering List:

1 yd Muslin


Small Black Beads

DMC Floss

#838 Very Dark Beige Brown

#902 Very Dark Garnet

#613 Very Light Drab Brown

#823 Dark Navy Blue

#310 Black

#400 Dark Mahogany

#729 Medium Old Gold

Mark B Gone Pen

Tea, Coffee or Vanilla

Deco-Art Americana Paint

Antique Gold DA9

Deep Midnight Blue DA166

Buttermilk DA3

Cranberry Wine DA112

Terra Cotta DA62



Paint Brushes


Muslin: Cut 2 layers of muslin 16 x 10 inches. I happen to like to stitch through 2 layers of muslin, you may wish to use Warm & Natural, or flannel or a layer of felt, to give it that extra layer to where you don't have your stitchin showing through.


Trace pattern onto top layer of muslin, using a mark b gone pen.


I use 2 strands of Dmc floss for all my stitchin'.

*NOTE: if you are going to be dry bushing your stitchery to be colored in, stitch detailed items such as eyes, noses, plaids on dresses, stars on flags, & words on dresses after you have painted that specific area.

Twig Arms: Backstitch with Dmc floss #838 Very Dark Beige Brown

X's on Stripes of Flag & Scarf: Backstitch scarf, x stitch flag with Dmc floss #902 Very
Dark Garnet

Snowflakes, Snowman Body, 1776 on square of Flag: Backstitch with Dmc floss #613 Very Light Drab Brown

Words Give me Liberty or give me snow & Blue section of Flag: Backstitch Dmc floss #823 Dark Navy Blue

Eyes, Eyebrows & Mouth: Cross stitch mouth, french knot eyes with Dmc floss #310 Black

Nose: Satin stitch nose with Dmc floss #400 Dark Mahogany

Stars & Bell: Backstitch with Dmc floss #729 Medium Old Gold

Bead Eyes: Stitch Beads for eyes with matchingthread. if you decide not to do french knots.


Dye fabric by using tea, coffee or vanilla. Dunk stitchery into dye & lay flat to dry.


If you choose to color in your stitchery do the following.

Using a dry-brush method as listed in Twig-Niques,

paint the following.

Star & Bell: Dry brush with Antique Gold DA9

Blue Section of Flag: Dry brush with Deep Midnight Blue DA166

Snowman: Dry brush with Buttermilk DA3

Scarf & Red stripes on Flag: Dry brush with Cranberry Wine DA112

Nose: If you choose to not satin stitch nose Dry brush with Terra Cotta DA62

Now you are ready to either sew your stitchery into a pillow, wall hanging or frame in a picture frame.


You may wish to cut bell out of wool-felt and appliqué onto your stitchery.

'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Snow' Stitchery

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