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9 Tree Stockings - Christmas Patterns and Graphics

A Christmas tree is a perfect decoration for your personalized Christmas stockings, and we have a small forest of designs for you! From sad, but sweet Charlie Brown trees to thick and full evergreens; you will find the perfect Christmas tree to embellish your special Christmas stockings.

You can adorn these appliques with sequins, beads or other embellishments, either sewing or gluing the decorations in place. If you are not into sewing, use fusible iron-on material to make this a family-friendly project by using pre-made stockings. Use the designs for your Cricut or other vinyl cutter to make decorations that can be used indoors or out.

Here is the complete Stocking pattern and graphics line-up:
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Tree Stockings Patterns and Graphics

Tree Stockings - Click each one to print:

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Graphics by Cheryl Seslar