Snowman Crafts

The weather outside is perfect for this girl to build a snowman while all wrapped up in her muffler and stocking cap.
Use this pattern to create a sweet scene of a little girl and the snowman she built to add to your Christmas decor or hang as an ornament. Either way it is sure to make the holidays shine a little brighter.
This pattern could also be enlarged for a welcoming outdoor decoration.

Girl with Snowman Pattern


Girl with Snowman Pattern

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Snowman Crafts

Girl with Snowman

To make from wood:

Cut pattern from 3/4" pine if the girl will be standing or 1/2" plywood if you are making a Christmas tree ornament.

For the base of a standing figure, cut a piece of plywood a few inches wider than the figure by 4" to be the base. Sand all pieces.

Using carbon paper, transfer the lines of the pattern on the wood. Paint with your choice of acrylic paints.

Suggestions -

Cut a fleece scarf to tie around her neck to give the figure a 3-dimensional look. A matching stocking hat could also be added, either sewn to fit over the existing hat or when cutting the wood, omit the hat and just extend the top of the head for something to glue a hat to.

Yarn or doll hair could be used for the girl's hair - just hot glue it following the outline of the pattern.

Add a fabric patch on the girl's pants, buttons on the snowman and perhaps a toothpick for his nose, or a dowel rod whittled down, depending on the size you are making him.

Use blush or a pale pink for the cheeks.

If hanging, when finished drill a hole in the top of each head. String wire or gold cord through the holes and loop the wire.

Graphics by Cheryl Seslar

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