Snowball Print Template


You will need:

Paint - Delta Ceramcoat:
Antique Gold
Lt Ivory

Fruitwood color of liquid stain
Greenery garland - just a small scrap
22 gauge wire about 15" long
plywood or some thin wood
one small button
Few fabric scraps

Cut the wood sections out of the plywood. Drill a few holes in the top as shown by pattern. Paint the snowman's head (bottom only) with the Lt Ivory paint and use black paint for the hat (position the brim on the head to see where to stop painting with black paint). Paint the brim black.

When the paint is dry, transfer the facial lines from the pattern to the wood. Use a stylus or toothpick and paint the snowman's mouth with black dots. Use tangerine paint for the nose. Paint the eyes. Use blush, and lightly add rosy cheeks.

The wood star can purchased or cut out of wood. Use antique gold paint and paint the star. With a black permanent ink pen or paint, write on the star "Let it Snow" or "Please Snow". Spackle the head and the star with watered down black paint using a spackle tool or a toothbrush. Spackle the hat and brim with watered down Lt Ivory paint. After all the paint dries, lightly apply stain on the front and back of all wood pieces of the snowman.

To Assemble:
Pull 15" of wire through the top holes and staple the wire to the back of the snowman's hat. Use a red checkered piece of fabric for the bow under his mouth. Tie a small piece of fabric to the bottom of a small piece of garland. Using hot glue, glue a button to the knot in that fabric. Using hot glue, glue the bow, star, garland and hat brim where the pattern indicates.


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