12 Santa Cookie Tray Clipart - Santa Plate or Tray

Welcome to this collection of 12 Santa Cookie Tray Clipart images, perfect for creating a festive plate or tray for Santa's treats!

The Santa cookie tray is adorned with treats for Santa himself, complete with a note saying, "Dear Santa, Here's some milk and a cookie and a carrot for the reindeer." It's the perfect way to make Santa feel welcome in your home during the holiday season.

Print the JPG image or download the PNG file to personalize the Santa plate to your liking. Whether you're using an old tray or a piece of sanded wood, you can easily transform it into a charming Santa Cookie Tray.

Simply transfer the Santa Tray clipart onto the surface, then paint and finish it with a coat of polyurethane for durability. Add two drawer handles to make it easy to carry and serve Santa's treats on Christmas Eve.

With these Santa Cookie Tray Clipart images, you can create a festive and functional addition to your holiday decor that will delight Santa and add a touch of magic to your home.

Santa Cookie Tray

To print the clipart using a full sheet of paper - in Google Chrome, select Print from the 3 little dots top right. Choose More Settings, Scale and change to Custom, 200 to fill the page. Choose the JPG file for printing or the PNG file to download the Santa cookie tray clipart.

Print Santa Cookie Tray larger

Santa Cookie Tray and Santa Plate Clipart

Click to print JPG file or click on transparent png to download.

The first image is the JPG and PNG for the clipart, the second image is a sample so you can see exactly what the finished product will look like.

Coloring Page - Treats for Santa Tray to Color

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