Round Religious Christmas Ornaments to Craft - Images, Sayings

Cat Round Christmas Ornaments - Sayings and Images

Crafting round religious Christmas ornaments from the templates on this page is a beautiful and meaningful way to infuse your holiday decor with spirituality and reverence. With these religious images and sayings, you can create personalized ornaments that serve as reminders of the true meaning of Christmas.
To begin, print one of the round religious ornament templates in the size you desire. Trim the images to your desired size.

Next, select wood or plastic ornament shapes that complement the images. Choose lightweight materials that can be safely hung on the Christmas tree.

Using double-sided tape or craft glue, carefully affix the printed pictures and/or sayings to the ornament shapes, taking care to eliminate wrinkles or air bubbles. For an added touch, embellish the Christmas ornaments with ribbons or glitter. Add a ribbon or gold string to the top for hanging.

As you decorate your tree with these meaningful ornaments, you remind all who see them of the true reason for the season?the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and the spirit of love, compassion, and hope that Christmas represents.

(NOTE - If the background of the image is gray when viewed online, it is because it is a png file. When it is downloaded, the background will be transparent. If printed, the background and all gray areas will be white, if printing on white paper.) Change the scale to Custom>200 for a full size image.

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Round Religious Christmas Ornaments

Round Religious Christmas Ornaments

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