Instructions for Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas To All
Pine Country Decor  copyright Lily Hadrava 2019

· #00 liner brush
· #3 round brush
· Three 1" sponge brushes
· And old scruffy/stippler brush
· #10 floater/flat brush
· #6 floater/flat brush
· ½" pine board & ¾" pine board (or precut wood kit)
· Oil base stain
· The cuff of an old red or green sock
· 3 buttons
· Fine sanding disc
· Tack cloth
· An old medium bristled toothbrush
· 20 gauge wire & wire cutters
· tracing and transfer paper
· stylus
· 1" x 5" scrap of fabric
· drill & 5/64" drill bit
· tacky or wood glue
· scissor
· clear acrylic matte spray

Paints needed: Ceramcoat by Delta
· Ivory
· Black Cherry
· Candy Bar Brown
· Black
· Medium Flesh
· Sonoma Wine
Antiquing Medium: Folkart by Plaid
· Down Home Brown

1. Drill holes in arms and shoulders as indicated on the template.
2. Stain all pieces of wood with your favorite oil based stain. Let dry for at least one hour.
3. Using the sponge brushes, basecoat the pieces. Basecoat Santa’s body and legs in Black Cherry. Basecoat the arms and cuffs in Black Cherry. Basecoat the face in Medium Flesh. Basecoat the boots and mittens in Black. (Remember to paint the sides as well as the front.)
4. When dry, sand all pieces with a sanding disc and wipe with a tack cloth.
5. Trace the template onto the wood using the tracing and transfer paper and the stylus.
6. Using a stippler or scruffy brush, stipple Ivory on the fur trim of the coat and cuffs. Let dry.
7. Using a #10 floater/flat brush, basecoat the beard in Ivory.
8. Dry brush in Ivory with a #00 liner brush on the boots and mittens. (Indicated on the template as ------.)
9. Stipple the cheeks with Sonoma Wine. Dot the nose with the end of your paint brush in Black Cherry. Dot the eyes in Black.
10. Using the #6 floater/flat brush, float Candy Bar Brown around the beard, the fur trim and above the cuffs. Also, make a float to divide the legs. (Indicated on the template as ////////.)
11. Stipple a second coat of Ivory onto the fur trim and cuffs.
12. Using a #3 round brush, pull teardrops (or comma strokes) of Ivory downward from the cheeks to make the beard.
13. Using the #3 round brush again, pull the mustache from the center outward.
14. Using the stylus, place a small dot of Ivory on the top of each cheek.
15. When the “fur” has dried, us the liner brush to put small Black lines on the fur trim and cuffs to look like soot.
16. Using the #00 liner brush, make two small teardrops in Ivory for the eyebrows.
17. When the beard is completely dry, put on a second coat of Ivory teardrops. Let the beard dry and put on a second coat of teardrops on the mustache.
18. Using the #00 liner brush, put a small Ivory dot in each eye.
19. Using an old toothbrush, splatter all pieces in Black and with a clean toothbrush, splatter all pieces in Ivory.
20. When all pieces are completely dry, antique them.
21. Wire on the arms.
22. Glue on the boots and place a few drops of glue behind each arm to hold them in place.
23. Glue on the buttons. Glue on the cuff of an old sock for a hat. Tie a 1” x 5” fabric scrap at the end of the hat. If you like, snip the end of the sock hat to look like a tassel.
24. Spray with a matte spray after the glue has dried.
25. Sign, date and show off!