Sydney Snowman Instructions

Sydney Snowman

by Peggy Rinehuls

The Picket Fence

Desert Sand
Light Buttermilk
Lamp Black
Red Iron Oxide

You will need:
1" pine
old sweater
small rusty bell
.05 permawriter II marking pen
1 set of small mittens
2 rusty hearts 2"
artificial pine sprigs
berry pic
hot glue gun and sticks
wood glue
1-1/4" wood screws
drill 100 grit sandpaper
min wax wood stain (early american)

Cut snowman and base from 1" pine, base measures 7" X 2-1/2". Sand smooth with 100 grit sandpaper. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Stain the back of the snowman and the bottom
of the base.

Base snowman and base Desert Sand. Drybrush base with Light Buttermilk.
Shade edges of base and snowman Asphaltum.

Drybrush cheeks and base nose Red Iron Oxide. Dot eyes Lamp Black. Dash eyebrows and line mouth with .05 permanent pen. Letter and dot Lamp Black.
(I water down the paint to an inky consistency)

Attach snowman to base with wood glue and wood screws. Cut hat from template piece. Cut sweater 5" X 10". Hot glue sweater seam in the center of the back of the snowman. Hot glue
around neck, while pinching to form pleats, this gives the sweater fullness. With wrong sides together, hot glue a seam in the hat, let dry, turn right side out. Fold bottom of hat, whip stitch rusty bell to end, hot glue in place. Hot glue stick arms to sweater, pinch sweater around arms. Hot glue a rusty heart to each mitten, hot glue them to the stick arms. Hot glue buttons to sweater. Finish with a few sprigs of pine and berries to base. Spray with matte finish wood sealer.

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