Mrs Clause Stockings

3 Mrs. Clause Stockings - Christmas Patterns and Graphics

Remember Mrs. Santa Claus when you are planning this years Christmas decorations! You can download these sweet and whimsical Mrs. Claus designs and use them in a number of fun and festive holiday projects. Mrs. Claus is a perfect addition to your Santa and Elf decorations, whether they are Christmas stocking appliques, paper projects for the kids or a vinyl display of the Santa and his helpers at the North Pole!

You can create custom Christmas stockings or loads of other Christmas decorations with a North Pole theme using appliques or even using the templates to draw and paint your stockings with acrylic fabric paints.

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Mrs.Clause Stockings Patterns and Graphics

Mrs Clause Stockings - Click each one to print:

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Graphics by Cheryl Seslar