Melted Snowman Printable Instructions

Melted Snowman Crafts

You will need:

Paint - Delta Ceramcoat:

2 Folk Art Mittens
Plug (nose)
1/8" Yard Black Felt
Black Marking Pen
1 3/4" Knob
DecoArt Snow-Tex
Scrap of fabric (scarf)
Hot Glue
Masonite or thin wood scrap

Cut base out of masonite (or other thin wood). Paint base and knob (head) white. Paint mittens black. Paint plug (nose) orange (tangerine). (Tip: Using a tiny bit of hot glue, attach mittens, knob and nose to a popsicle stick for easier painting).


After the head is dry, With either a stylus or a toothpick and black paint, make 2 dots for the eyes. (See face template) Using a thin black permanent marker, draw the eyebrows, mouth and make 3 freckles on each cheek. Use a little blush on each cheek. Using a toothpick, place a white dot on each eye.


Cut the snowman's scarf out of fabric - 1" wide by 12" long.

Using a heavyweight black felt, use Template C to cut the hat pieces out of the felt. To assemble hat: Fold Piece #1 in half lengthwise. (see first picture below) Use a couple small drops of glue inside the piece to keep it folded. Overlap the back joint and hot glue it will now be a small circle. (see second picture below) Using Piece #2, clip the corners off (see dotted lines on template) and push it up inside the Piece #1 you just created. Piece #2 is now the top of the hat. Hot glue it in a
few spots to the inside of Piece #1. Lay this piece centered on top of Piece #3. With needle and thread, whipstitch the top of the hat to Piece #3 (just a few stitches will do). Add a bit of SnowTex to top of hat for snow, if desired.


Hot glue head to base (see picture for placement). Glue a mitten on each side of his head. Glue nose to center of face. Fold scarf in half lengthwise and tie around Snowball's neck, cutting the ends to the length you want. Center hat on his glue in place.


This snowman also looks great with a little stocking cap rather than the top hat. Just cut a long triangle out of a stretchy solid fabric and sew a seam. Fit it on the snowman's head, fold it over twice on his head (to hide the raw edge on the head) and hot glue in place. Hot glue a little pompom on the end.

If these snowmen will be for a craft show or festival, try making stocking hats in different colors (red, green, blue, etc.) Everyone has their favorite color and the snowmen are eye catching in varied color hats.

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