Oh My Stars - Wood Angel Template

Angels are there for those who believe. Enjoy the holiday season by displaying primitive wood crafts.

This angel template was contributed by

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Angel Crafts

You will need:

Scrap of pine - 3/4" (heart)

1/2" plywood (wings & body)

2 3/4" screws and a 1" screw

Small grapevine star (1.5")

19 gauge wire

Stencil with 1/2" block

Stencil with 1/2" star

Stencil brush

A sawtooth hanger


Using the 1/2" plywood, trace the wings and body template on the wood. Using the 3/4" pine, trace the heart onto the wood. Cut the pieces out.

Paint both the front and the sides of each piece with the following colors:

Angel's face - fleshtone

Angel's body - prussian blue

Angel's wings - parchment

Heart - somona wine

When the paint has dried, sand the front and sides edges heavily and lightly sand the surface.

Add blush to the cheeks using the stencil brush dipped lightly in the somona wine paint. (Use a paper towel to remove most of the paint off the brush first). Using black paint, put 2 small dots for the eyes.

Stencil the wings with the block stencil and trail tan. When that is dry, add 2 large stars on the wings using raw sienna. Using black paint, speckle the angel's wings and body. Cover the face first so it doesn't get speckled..


To the top back of the wings (in the center), attach the sawtooth hanger. Using a 6 inch piece of the wire, make a circle for the angel's halo and to secure the circle, wrap the end of the wire around itself.

Bend the rest of the wire straight and attach it to the wood with a 3/4" staple (use staple gun). Using 2 one inch screws, add the wood heart. With 2 3/4" screws, attach the wings. Glue the grapevine star to the heart.

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