20 Dog Bandana Sayings + Dog Clipart and Lineart

Discover a treasure trove of 20 charming dog bandana sayings that will make your furry companion the talk of the town, whether it's Christmas or any other day of the year. And the best part? You can download or print them absolutely free! These expressions are a delightful way to add a touch of personality to your pup's attire.

1. Elf Patrol Dog: Let your dog take charge of holiday security with this whimsical badge of honor.

2. Free Kisses: Announce your dog's affectionate nature with this heartwarming message.

3. Pet Me Pet Me Pet Me!: Give your dog a voice to request those much-desired cuddles.

4. Dear Santa, Don't Forget the Dogs: A gentle reminder to Santa that your canine companion deserves special treats.

5. Dear Santa, I've Been a Good Boy: A message of virtue from your four-legged friend.

6. Furry and Bright: Celebrate the joy your pup brings with this play on words.

7. Official Gift Sniffer: Assign your dog the crucial task of gift inspection.

8. Official Santa Patrol: Let your dog take on the role of Santa's trusted helper.

9. Proud to be an American: Showcase your patriotic spirit with this nod to your furry patriot.

10. Spoiled: A candid confession of your dog's privileged status.

11. Sorry Santa I Ate the Cookies: A humorous admission of guilt for Christmas mischief.

12. Wannabe Reindeer: Give your dog a taste of the North Pole with this playful saying.

13. I'm the Naughty Dog: For those moments when your pup channels their mischievous side.

14. I'm the Nice Dog: A declaration of your dog's good-hearted nature.

15. If It Hits the Floor, It Belongs to Me: A candid statement of your dog's snack-time philosophy.

dog bandanas to make

To transform these sayings into wearable doggy art, you have plenty of options. Utilize a Cricut or applique technique to craft a festive bandana that's uniquely your pet's, or simply take a glitter glue pen and write these sayings on a plain bandana. For that extra dose of charm, we've included dog-themed clipart to complement these delightful sayings. With these bandanas, your dog will steal hearts wherever they go, and their fashion game will be nothing short of pawsome!

Illustrated dog bandana sayings are below.

dog bandanas to make


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To print these dog bandanas using a full sheet of paper - in Google Chrome, select Print from the 3 little dots on the top right. On the Print popup screen, choose More Settings, Scale and change to Custom, 200 to fill the page. (or right click on image to download.)

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Note: The sayings are in PNG format with a transparent background, so when viewing on a monitor, they appear to have a gray background. They do not. The background is transparent. :)

Dog Bandana Sayings

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