Cookie Packaging - Simple, Easy Individual Cookie Packaging

Elevate your holiday cookie gifting with these simple and easy individual cookie packaging solutions! With 37 printables in total, these options are designed to make your Christmas cookie gifting a breeze.

The 1st option includes a CD or DVD sleeve adorned with a charming tag, perfect for presenting your delicious homemade treats in a stylish and festive manner. Simply print out the sleeve and tag, assemble, and slide your cookies inside for a delightful presentation.

For a more straightforward approach, the 2nd option offers individual cookie packaging that's as easy as it gets. Just print the image, fold it as directed, and voila - you have a convenient and adorable holder for your cookies.

Whether you're sharing your baked goods with friends, family, or coworkers, these cookie packaging solutions are sure to add a touch of holiday cheer to every treat. So go ahead and spread some joy with these delightful packaging options!

Cookie Packaging with Free Printable Tags

Cookie Packaging - Individual Cookie Packaging

Slip a homemade cookie into a CD or DVD sleeve and seal with a holiday tag as a tasteful gift.

You will need:
DVD or CD sleeves (purchased)
Cookies wrapped in plastic wrap
Clip art tags
Double face tape
(The tags could also be printed on full sheet adhesive sticker paper.)

Wrap each cookie in plastic wrap to prevent it from leaving oil marks on the CD sleeve.
Cookie Packaging - Simple, Easy Individual Cookie Packaging

Print the clip art tags from the pdf file below and cut them out.

cookie packaging
Insert the cookies into the CD sleeve and seal the CD sleeve lip with double sided tape. Fold the tag appropriately in half and attach to CD sleeve with double sided tape. (Note: You will want to fold the large snowman tags above the snowman's head, so it won't be completely in half.)

cookie sleeves

cookie bags

The tags have plenty of room on back to write a message or a To/From. These work best with large homemade cookies or cookies from a bakery.

cookie packaging

Click below for the pdf file of Cookie packaging tags:

cookie packaging

cookie packaging

Christmas tags for cookie packaging

Click below To print the Cookie Packaging tags:

cookie packaging

cookie packaging

tags for individual cookie packaging

Individual Cookie Packaging
 individual cookie packaging
Cookie packaging:

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