Stuffed Snowman Sewing Pattern - Clyde the Snowman

Welcome the winter season with the delightful Stuffed Snowman Sewing Pattern, featuring the charming Clyde the Snowman. With a cold nose and a warm heart, Clyde is the perfect addition to your winter decor, and his creation is both easy and enjoyable.

Clyde the Snowman sewing template introduces a fun and creative way to celebrate winter. This cute snowman head, adorned with a cozy hat sewn from a recycled sweater, will add a bit of rustic charm to your holiday decorations. The snowman sewing pattern is designed for simplicity, making it an ideal project for both beginners and experienced crafters.

Stuffed Snowman Pattern - Free Snowman Sewing Pattern

Bring Clyde the Snowman pattern to life by using muslin fabric for the snowman head and repurposing an old sweater for his winter hat. This not only adds a personal touch to your creation but also promotes eco-friendly crafting by upcycling materials. The resulting stuffed snowman can be utilized in various ways, whether as a whimsical door hanger to welcome guests or as a delightful Christmas tree ornament.

Whether you're a seasoned seamstress or a novice with a passion for crafting, Clyde the Snowman is a delightful project that promises both enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment. So, gather your materials, thread your needle, and let Clyde bring a touch of winter magic into your home. Create lasting memories and festive warmth with this endearing snowman sewing template.

CLYDE - Stuffed Snowman Sewing Pattern

Line Drawing #1 Instruction
Clyde - Stuffed Snowman Sewing Pattern

You will need:

Scrap of greenery or garland
Couple of fabric scraps
Hot Glue
20" jute
furniture button for nose
old sweater - arm works best
muslin fabric
orange paint
permanent marker pen
Poly Fiberfil

Cut 2 snowman head pieces out of muslin following the cut line of the template. Sew on the stitch line shown on template, leaving about an inch to turn the piece inside out. After stitching, turn inside out and stuff firmly with the Polyfiber Fill. You can just hot glue shut the hole you used to stuff (or sew it if you are ambitious!). I just glue and make sure that is the very top of his head so it is covered up when you add the hat.


Use about 8" of a sleeve from an old sweater. (If the sweater arm is too large for his head, you can cut it on the seam and make a new seam - either sewn together or lightly glued together. Place the sleeve on the snowman's head so about 2" of the top of his head is covered by the sleeve, and roll the bottom section up about 1 1/2", forming a cuff. Hot glue onto his head all the way around. Now loosely tie a piece of jute around the top of the hat. Using about 10" of another piece of jute, tie it so it is a circle and stick one end into the top of the hat, far enough in so when you tightly tie the top of the hat, it will form a secure loop for hanging. Tightly tie the jute on the top of the hat. Cut the ends off and add a small button to the center (see picture).


Using a permanent marker (might want to mark it first with a regular black pen for placement) add the snowman's dots that make up his eyes and mouth (see photo). Paint the wooden button orange and glue as picture shows. Make a bow from fabric scraps and hot glue to the bottom of his face.

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