Chunky Snowman Ornament Instructions

Chunky Snowman Ornament

Paint - Delta Ceramcoat:
Ivory or Old Parchment

Fruitwood liquid stain
22 gauge wire (or thinner) for hanging
thin piece of wood - 1/2" thick works best
Material scrap 21" x 1.5"

Cut the head and nose out of wood. "Chunk" the top sides of the head and nose with a sander. Paint the nose orange and head ivory or old parchment. When dry, lightly spackle (using old toothbrush) the head with black paint. Using a stylus, make dots as shown for the eyes. When dry, lightly apply stain on both the front and back of all wood pieces. Add some blush to the cheeks.

Glue the nose on as shown. Drill a hole in the top of the head. String the wire through it and loop the wire. Wrap the material around the bottom and tie in front. Glue material in a few places.