Christmas Greenery Bell Doorknob Hanger

Create a winter welcome with the jingle of bells on your doorknob. These beautiful Christmas doorknob decorations are so easy to make, and will add jingle to your Christmas decorating.

Christmas Decorations - Doorknob Hanger
Christmas Doorknob Decorations:

You will need:

2" Gold Bell
Christmas greenery pick
Christmas ribbon - 1" wide
12" length of rope (flexible rope)
Green floral wire
Hot glue and gun

Make a bow with 8 loops from the Christmas ribbon. Each loop should be about 3" long. (A wooden bow maker helps lots if you are going to make a bunch of these...available at craft stores.)

Thread the bell onto the rope. Using lots of hot glue, hot glue the rope in a circle with the bell on it.

Using the floral wire, use the wire through the center of the bow and attach it to the rope. Now hot glue the greenery pick to the center of the bow. (Use floral wire to help hold the pick to the bow and rope if needed.)

Click here to print the instructions.

Christmas Decorations - Doorknob Hanger

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