Christmas Greenery Bell Doorknob Hanger

Craft a festive Christmas Greenery Bell Doorknob Hanger to bring winter warmth to your entryway with the delightful sound of bells. These charming doorknob decorations are simple to create and will add a festive jingle into your holiday decor.

Christmas Decorations - Doorknob Hanger

Christmas Doorknob Decorations:

Materials Needed -

2" Gold Bell
Christmas greenery pick
Christmas ribbon (1" wide)
12" length of rope (flexible rope)
Green floral wire
Hot glue and gun

1. Create a bow with eight loops using the Christmas ribbon. Each loop should be approximately 3" long. (Consider using a wooden bow maker, available at craft stores, for ease, especially if making multiple hangers.)

2. Thread the gold bell onto the rope. Apply generous amounts of hot glue to secure the rope in a circular shape with the bell attached.

3. Use the floral wire to thread through the center of the bow and attach it securely to the rope.

4. Apply hot glue to affix the Christmas greenery pick to the center of the bow. If needed, use floral wire to provide additional support for securing the pick to both the bow and the rope.

Print these instructions by clicking here.

This DIY Christmas project will not only add a touch of holiday charm to your doorknob but also create a welcoming atmosphere with the festive jingle of bells.

Christmas Decorations - Doorknob Hanger

Christmas Decorations - Doorknob Hanger

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