Christmas Card Sayings for Inside the Card

For a list of Christmas Card Sayings click here.

To print a greeting on the inside of the card (be sure and practice on paper first!), here are 2 images with the words Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

My printer --- I printed a card, then put the card back in the printer so the printed image was face up and towards me. Then the greeting printed in the correct place. Beware - You will need to practice on paper to know where your greeting will print. With some printers the image will need to be up and others it will need to be face down.

For a card that is vertical like this one:

Christmas Card

Print either the Merry Christmas image or the Happy Holidays image.

(Note: these are all .jpg files, so you can use a program like Paint or Photoshop to add text of your own also if you want. Click on the displayed page with the words and right click beside the words, choose Save Image As.)

For a card that is horizontal like this one:

Christmas Card

Print either this Merry Christmas image or this Happy Holidays image.

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