Embellishing Christmas Cards

Here are a few ways to embellish Christmas cards after printing one of our free Christmas cards. To add fabric or felt details to a card, print the card on paper (black and white is fine). Cut out the hat and scarf from the paper and use them as templates to cut the hat and scarf from fabric or felt. Glue the fabric onto the card with white glue.

For the snowman card, I added a fabric stocking cap similar to the colors on the card and a a piece of homespun fabric with the ends cut in a fringe to resemble a winter scarf. A small pom pom completed the hat. Glitter was added to the 2 ornaments.

The Santa and Snowman card were embellished with a pom pom and a snowman hat cut out of thin felt. The penguin below has buttons and a jute bow added. Doesn't take a lot to personalize your card; sometimes just a few embellishments is better than many.

The reindeer card below has a puffy star. The star on the card was cut out with an Xacto knife, a little bit of batting added inside a small piece of gold lame to the card back, all taped with double sided tape to the cardstock. A scrap piece of cardstock was added on top of the batting on the back of the card to hold it in place. Then 2 different scrapbook papers were added to cover up the star mess on the back.

Ideas for embellishing:
glitter, glitter pens, fabric, pom poms, rhinestones, sequins, felt snowman hats, flannel winter scarves, fabric mittens, small holly leaves or a teeny sprig of greenry, stickers, small buttons, scrapbooking accessories, jute bows, paper stars, beads, ribbon, paper applique.

If you embellish a card that came out awesome, send us a photo of your card and we will post it on this page.

Click each card below to view a larger image:

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