37 Printable Christmas Treat Bag Toppers

Here are 37 printable treat bag toppers for all your baked good needs for Christmas gifts from your kitchen. There are 2 sizes available for each bag topper - one is a 4" and one is a 7".

If you place the treats in a resealable plastic bag, the 7" can be cut down a little to fit the bag. Some of the Cellobags you can purchase at a hobby store for baked goods are only 4" wide - hence the 4" version. Even a plain ole brown lunch bag comes alive with one of these cute bag toppers.

Personalize each Christmas bag topper with your own sentiments. They are perfect for giving homemade goodies, stocking stuffers, gift giving, bake sales, craft shows and more.

  • Santa Bag TopperThe 7-inch wide bag toppers work well with a resealable plastic bag. The bag easily holds 4 cookies and is an economical way to make gifts from your kitchen.
  • Christmas Treat Bag ToppersUse the 7-inch bag toppers for economical brown lunch bags - just cut to size.
  • Christmas Treat Bag ToppersA mini loaf of bread fits perfectly in a large Cellobag.
  • Christmas Treat Bag ToppersClear plastic cellophane bags that are 4" wide are available at craft stores. They easily hold 1 or 2 pieces of brownie.

Christmas Bag Toppers - Click each one to print:

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Graphics by Cheryl Seslar