Angel Ornament Instructions to Print

Angel Ornament
Delta Ceramcoat Paint:
Bambi Brown

Liquid stain - Fruitwood
22 gauge wire
1/4 to 1/2 inch thick wood
2 inch primitive wood star

Using a thin piece of wood, trace and cut out the moon, body and wings. Lightly sand the edges of all the wood pieces. Using bambi brown paint, paint the body. Using ivory paint, paint the moon and wings. Paint the star maroon. After the paint is dry, lightly stain the fronts and backs of all the wood cutouts. Add blush to the cheeks with makeup blush or a bit of maroon paint using a pounce brush.

    For hanging, drill a small hole at the top of each wing. Put the wire through the whole and create loops in it by wrapping it loosely around a pencil. Bend the end of the wire to keep it in the hole.

    The nail the wings to the body using small tack nails. Nail or glue the moon and star to the body.