Heart Ornament Instruction Page

Heart Ornament

Paint - Delta Ceramcoat:
Lt Ivory

Fruitwood liquid stain

22 gauge wire for hanging/attaching thin branches
rough cedar

Cut the heart shape out of rough cedar or other distressed wood. "Chunk" the top sides of the heart with a sander. Drill a couple of small holes at the top of the heart (large enough for wire). Paint the heart maroon. When dry, spackle (using old toothbrush) the heart with black paint and Lt Ivory paint. When dry, lightly apply stain on both the front and back of all wood pieces.

Pull a small amount of wire through the left hole on the very top. Hold the twig branch on the hole in the back and pull the wire around the twig. Pull the wire back through the hole to the front and curl the wire with a stylus or pencil. (hot glue the twigs also if they are not remaining well in place). Then do the same for the right side of the heart.