Funny Toilet Paper Sayings - 8 Free Printable Christmas Toilet Paper Sayings

8 Christmas Funny Gag Gift Ideas!

Funny Toilet Paper Sayings - 8 Free Printable Christmas Toilet Paper Sayings

Inject some humor into your holiday festivities with this collection of Funny Toilet Paper Sayings, featuring 8 Free Printable Christmas Toilet Paper Sayings. These witty and playful sayings are perfect for adding a touch of laughter and whimsy to your Christmas celebrations. Whether you're looking for a unique gag gift or simply want to infuse your home with some holiday humor, these sayings are sure to bring smiles and laughter all around.

Print the saying, tape to a toilet paper roll, wrap it in a see-through plastic bag and add ribbon. Or use your Cricut to make it really professional.

Here are some of the delightful Christmas Toilet Paper Sayings that are sure to tickle your funny bone:

Frosty Buns
Tinkle All the Way
We Wish You Nothing Butt Merry Christmas
You Said You Didn't Want 'Crap' for Christmas

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These sayings are not only hilarious but also offer a touch of irreverent charm to your holiday decor. They make for fantastic additions to your Christmas gag gift ideas, turning the simple act of gifting into a memorable and humorous experience.

Embrace the spirit of lightheartedness and joy during the holiday season with these Funny Toilet Paper Sayings. They are perfect for spreading laughter, whether as part of a gag gift exchange or simply adorning your home with a dash of holiday merriment.

Download and print these sayings to add a playful twist to your Christmas celebrations, and watch as they become the talk of the season. Bring some holiday cheer and laughter into your festivities, reminding everyone that Christmas is not only about tradition and warmth but also about having a good-natured laugh along the way.

These are sized to fit a 4" tall toilet paper roll. But if you need to change the dimensions of the toilet paper sayings: Click on your desired image. In Chrome, select PRINT (or CTRL-P) from the 3 little dots top right. Choose More Settings, Scale and Custom - add your Custom Settings.

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*** Note: The toilet paper rolls I am using to make these in 2023 are 4 1/2" tall for some reason. The sayings need to be at 130 in print settings "Scale, Custom" to fit the taller toilet paper nicely. (except the one with 3 butts, print it at 120) Better to print a test saying to check the size against the toilet paper you are using before just printing a bunch of these. When cutting, leave a white border top and bottom and adjust as needed to fit the toilet paper roll.***

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