Christmas Treat Bag Ideas - Printable Bag Toppers

Here are 37 printable bag toppers for all your baked good needs for Christmas gifts from your kitchen. There are 2 sizes available for each treat bag - one is a 4" and one is a 7".

If you place the treats in a resealable plastic sandwich bag, the 7" can be cut down a little to fit the bag. Some of the Cellobags you can purchase at a hobby store for baked goods are only 4" wide - hence the 4" version. Even a plain ole brown lunch bag comes alive with one of these cute bag toppers.

Personalize each Christmas bag topper with your own sentiments. Christmas treat bag ideas - use for giving homemade goodies, as stocking stuffers, gifts, bake sales, craft shows, office parties, neighbors and more.

  • Bag TopperThe 7-inch wide bag toppers work well with a resealable plastic bag. The bag easily holds 4 cookies and is an economical way to make gifts from your kitchen.
  • Christmas Treat Bag IdeasUse the 7-inch bag toppers for economical brown lunch bags - just cut to size for a large Christmas treat bag..
  • Treat Bag IdeasA mini loaf of bread fits perfectly in a large Cellobag.
  • Printable Bag ToppersClear plastic cellophane bags that are 4" wide are available at craft stores. They easily hold 1 or 2 pieces of brownie.
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